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Pepé Alalu, Jerusalem City Council Member

מוצש"ק פר' נצבים-וילך תשע"ג

Both of these skunks smell nasty!
יו"ר מרצ בירושלים קיבל הצעה מפתה ומפתיעה מגורמים חרדים בעיר: מימון של מיליון שקלים עבור ריצתו לראשות העיר י-ם. המטרה: לפגוע בברקת באמצעות מתמודד חילוני נוסף. אללו: "לא אקח אגורה מחרדים" ניסים פרץ כ"ב באלול תשע"ג

Kikar Shabbat: Pepe Alalu: haredim offered me funds to run for Mayor of Jerusalem
the Head of the Meretz Party in Jerusalem received an offer: funds of one million sheqqels for his campaign for Mayor of Jerusalem. The goal: to hurt [incumbent Mayor] Barakat['s re-election chances] by putting up an additional non-religious candidate. Alalu: "I will not take money from Haredim." Nissim Peretz, 23 Ellul 5773/August 28, 2013 (cont.)

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Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I must say that this news item was not as exciting as everyone else wanted to make it out to be.

Everyone has an agenda. Mayor Barakat has an agenda. The Haredim have an agenda. The "National Religious" have an agenda. And, of course, the leftists have and agenda. The agenda of one of those leftists, Pepé Alalu (Meretz), probably the clearest one of them all.

"Free Or Haredi"
Not clear enough for you? Then about this one from his Meretz Party?

"Together we will stop the Haredization." -Meretz/Labor

 In the last municipal elections Nir Barakat (Kadima) was pit against Rb. Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism). Aside from Porush's series of bridge burning with some of his own allies, combined with Haredi stubbornness, what clinched the election for Barakat was the fear mongering of none other than
Pepé Alalu.
From Israel's Bureau of Statistics:
Composition of Jewish residents of Jerusalem, 2010
The race was close, even with Porush's bridge burning. And with make-up of Jerusalem that it is, the Left had to act.
"You don't want a Haredi city, do you?" 

"You don't want your new neighbors telling you how to dress, or that you should cover your hair, just because you are married, do you?"

"You don't want to be told what you should or should not do on Shabbat, or have YOUR streets blocked off like a ghetto, do you?
Similar "questions" and more were not only heard in Qiriyath Yovel, the site of the "Eruv Showdown" a number of years ago, nor the Limousine liberal Moshavah Germanit (German Colony), which was overwhelmed with Mehadrin kasruth certifications of its long strip of trendy restaurants and cafes practically overnight.

These provocative "questions" were heard in Religious Zionist neighborhoods like Qiriyath Moshe.

The Leftists knew where to go, to the wishy-washy, marginally ideological, and thus, vulnerable, Religious Zionists (read here: Modern Orthodox).

Say what you will about Pepé Alalu, he is at least consistent.


Orfan said...

Now we have Barkat and he is trying to change Jerusalem into Tel Aviv. Restaurants selling bacon and eggs on Shabbos, clubs banging all night on Friday, and our streets not safe to walk alone. Thanks Barkat, but I would rather have the Holiness back!

Esser Agaroth said...


I certainly agree.

I think it may be worse than that. The overwhelming majority of Jerusalem residents identify as Haredi, Religious, or tradition (81%). So how did he get away with it?

Support from the top, perhaps?

Shy Guy said...

The problem with everyone other than Barkat so far is that at least I don't view them as being capable one iota of managing a city - with all that it entails.

While I'm not enthused about Barkat, things were much worse under his last 2 predecessors.

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