Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guest Post: Tell your Children to Come Home Before They are Sent Home in a Casket

מוצש״ק פר׳ מטות תשע״ד

I was sent the following view of the "war" and current security situation in Israel, for me to post anonymously. What do you think?

Does the Israeli Government really care about your children serving in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF]?

Does the Israeli Government care more about how it looks in the eyes of the "international community" than its own constituents and soldiers?

Please leave your thoughts as comments below.


To those of you have have friends, family and or children that have joined the IDF and recently were sent into this politically motivated battle, I implore that you beg and demand they return home before they G-d forbid are sent back in a casket...
The current mini war is a means for Pipi to strengthen himself in the polls and not to restore and false sense of security to Jews.

The state of Israel directly funds and arms the Hamas and Fatah.

The IDF is one of the most Inhumane armies in the world.

Serving in the IDF is a Chilul Hashem and brings unnecessary danger to those who enlist

There is no mitzvah to be political canon-fodder.. Please come home...
Regardless of their motivation for enlisting and going in to battle, this current mini-war is a farce and will accomplish nothing. The Hamas will remain in power, (and if not them it will be Fatah which is the same) the rocket supplies will soon be replenished, and the tunnels will continue to be dug faster than they can be destroyed. There is no reason for your friends or children to have their lives wasted in this politically motivated mini-war so Pipi can gain some popularity in the polls. The operation will not store or restore any security. There hasn't been any security for the last 65 years. Albeit the recent rocket attacks are now reaching the center of Israel but this is what the residence of the south deal with on a daily basis and will continue to deal with on a daily basis, long after this operation is over. Suppressing the rocket attacks and preventing terror can be done using unmanned aircraft without risking your children's lives!

The state of Israel funds the Hamas. Yes! You heard correctly! The state of Israel directly arms and funds the very terrorists that your pathetic friends and children are being sent to fight! See this article for example:
YNET: The Best Bank Governor of the State of Hamas (translated from Hebrew)
Israel is obligated by law to transfer funds to the Gaza Strip for humanitarian aid through the Bank of Israel. But is it legal to put money into the hands of those who kill our children?
Orna Shimoni, October 2010
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, winner of the World's Best Governor Prize, has been the central figure behind the pressure for the sweeping transfer of funds to Hamas. He is the one who has saved the terrorist organization from collapse, and continues to rebuild it and also prevent the collapse of the banks in the Gaza Strip. (cont.)

Isn't it ironic that the same state that funds these terrorists and buys them their weapons is now going to risk your child's life to “fight” them? Isn't that appalling? How are you not outraged?!

The IDF likes to boast on facebook and twitter, pictures of Israeli soldiers putting themselves in danger in order to save Arab children. They boast about how they called off airstrikes, thus, allowing rockets to be launched into the heart of Israel, simply because there were “civillians” in the vicinity of the rocket launching pad. They believe that it is humane to risk the lives of its own soldiers and civillians in order to spare lives of the enemy “civillian” population so they can gain popularity in the eyes of the world, thinking they will love us for being cruel to ourselves.... Is that the type of army you want your children serving in? Are you willing to risk your sons' lives so the IDF can “tweet” about how he died being “humane”?!

It is not my intention to go in to a lengthy halachic discussion regarding the countless issurim for serving in the army, maybe in another post. I would like to say that serving in an army that razes synagogues, Jewish homes, beats and torments Jews, and risks the lives of other Jews in order to look good in the eyes of the world is neither moral or halachicly appropriate. Simply put it is a Chilul Hashem!

To those still reading this I ask that you speak with your friends and family in a manner in which you think they will listen and request that they return home. There is no mitzvah or honor in being canon fodder in a politically motivated war which will accomplish NOTHING. Additionally, once this mini war is over the next target of the IDF and state will be us Jews living in Yehuda and Shomron! The politicians do not care about your childrens lives, if they did they would carpet bomb from the air until there is nothing left of Hamas and then, if need be send in some troops for some clean up... Don't allow your friends and children to be sacrificed on Pipis alter of public opinion. Beg and demand they come home before they are sent home in a coffin Heaven forbid...


Billy said...

Thank you.

This operation is being fought for the benefit of Abu Mazen and Fatah and for no other reason.

When we strip away the rhetoric, Fatah is essentially a zionist movement and Abu Mazen and his cronies are subcontractors for the IDF. Have you ever noticed that Israeli's will frequently describe settlers/price taggers as a "Jewish Hamas" but would never in a million years call them a "Jewish Fatah"? This is because most Israelis support Fatah. The dream of the Israeli people is to have the Uncle Ahmad's provide security in Gaza, Judea and Samaria so they don't have to worry about it. This will give Israel the ability to ability to expel Judea and Samaria's Jews from their homes; and destroying Jewish communities is the only task the IDF has succeeded in in nearly 50 years.

It is a travesty to shed Jewish blood just so it becomes politically easier for the Israelis to expel us from our homes.

sheldan said...

Are you kidding me?!

Maybe the government is starting to wake up and realize that there will be no peace with these people. And ultimately the next objective will be to remove the "moderate" Fatah as well. They are no partners in peace, and as long as we pretend to consider them as our "peace partners," we will continue to be pressured to make concessions we can't afford. This may be the opportunity to rid ourselves of this evil once and for all.

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks for writing.

The author of this piece is not kidding, and neither is Billy.

I'm not sure to whom you are addressing your comment.

I do not believe for a minute that the gov't is waking up. Get ready for international pressure for Israel to stop.

Check the post after this one, commenting on Joel Skousen for more information.

elisheva barenbaum said...

Unfortunately I tend to agree. Not only did the Israeli government not cut off electricity to Gaza, when Hamas accidently hit its own power plant, Israel sent in workers to fix it. Israel also gives 48 hour advance notice of its incursions into specific areas thus allowing Hamas to booby trap buildings which they detonate when our soldiers enter. They do it to allow civilians to flee the area. But it is used by Hamas to kill soldiers. And we shouldn't blame Hamas. Hamas is our enemy and behaves like one. On the other hand we behave as if it's a game of cricket.

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